What’s Funnier, comedians or christians?

Now, for the other side

Even funnier, huh? One of the funniest lines is:

“The starting point of Satanism is when people distance themselves from religion”

Looks like they equate Atheism and Satanism in their perverted little minds. Of course, the sole reason for heavy metal music is to piss off these brain washed dip shits. A noble cause, IMO. Just remember, this is what we’re up against: Pretty water falls and fluffy clouds .

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2 Comments on “What’s Funnier, comedians or christians?”

  1. Carla Says:

    Evil, evil Marilyn Manson… how do you dare to believe (even to a certain degree) in evolution?? No wonder all your fans wanna kill themselves…..

    Sorry Bill Hicks, but I think Christians are waaaaaaay funnier……. not only they equate evolutionism with atheism and satanism but also they believe that replacing science textbooks for bibles on schools is the ultimate solution for the evil in this world…. haaaaaaaaaa

    UH, Please keep posting!!! I already added your blog to my favorites…
    Best regards from Lima-Peru 😀

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