Vatican Cracks Down on Nuns

Nuns in America have been active in promoting the ordination of women and the Mother Ship in Rome wants it to stop. These nuns have become too big for their britches. It is precisely these rouge Nun’s lustful desire for equality that has resulted in a decline in their numbers in the last  four decades. Cardinal Franc Rode has started an “Apostolic Investigation” that will look into these Sister’s insidious acts of progressiveness. For shame. The Nuns in Rome know their place.

This type of control is not out of character for religious groups. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Scientologists have also been known to keep a tight reign on their members.

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2 Comments on “Vatican Cracks Down on Nuns”

  1. If I were an American nun I’d tred real lightly.

    The vatican brought back Indulgences not long ago … whats to stop them from bringing back a very special “Inquisition of the Nuns”?

    Lets see how uppity those “brides of Christ” are when they are stripped naked,scourged, and stretched out on the Rack for a few hours.


    (Oh shit.. I just gave myself a semi-fatty : )

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