Bridging The Gap

Joe Panaia Jr.,pastor for Bridging the Gap Ministries (Tea, SD) has bridged a few gaps in his life:

  • 2000, bigamy charges
  • 2001, exposing himself to a woman, 30 days in Jail
  • 2005, “social services fraud”, 2 days in jail, $6,357 restitution
  • 2006, theft from a Christian music festival, 60 days in jail
  • misc other pending sex crimes between 1992 and 1999
  • oh yes, and there is still a warrent out for his arrest

And now … he wants to open a youth center. You know, for the kids.

Isn’t this the type of person we’re trying to keep away from children?

When interviewed for his local newpaper, Joe said:

“Ask yourself, before you trash me in the paper, ‘What would Jesus do?’.”

Yes, what would Jesus do? I’m not sure. I don’t remember him being an exhibitionist thief, so I’m not sure if it would ever come up. Maybe he’d go preach on a hill, somewhere. Or have oil rubbed on his feet.

The thing is, if this guy were anything other than clergy, it would be a no brainier that we don’t let this guy run a youth center. But, people let that little white square in a collar cloud their judgment. That collar does not imply good behavior. It only implies that they passed a few tests. The best predictor of behavior is past behavior.

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4 Comments on “Bridging The Gap”

  1. aj Says:

    He is a pastor not a priest (no white square). We can have our opinions, right/wrong/indifferent, but there is only one true judge. Look at your past and be accountable, remember the Lord holds us to all our sins no matter how great or small. The best predictor of behavior is past behavior? This is false, as by the Lord’s grace, even the hardest heart can soften.

  2. Victor Says:

    Hopefully your “true judge” does something before this guy molests anyone.

  3. Ray Says:

    I’m related to this man. He is dangerous. He is a theif and liar. He has ALWAYS been saying “give me another chance.” He deserved no more chances. He is an evil sick man.
    Did you know that he tried to commit suicide a few years ago? That he was excommunicated from a church? (The Church is Celebrate Community Church He accidentally killed a little girl when he worked for Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue (in Maryland). He is always asking people for money that he never pays back. He rents furniture, doesn’t pay the bills, but keeps the furniture anyway. He was fired from nearly every job he has had since he has lived in Sioux Falls, and there are a LOT of jobs. At least two dozen. (For example, he was fired from McDonalds (corner of 41st and Minnesota) for sexually harassing a mentally challenged junior employee.)
    This guy is BAD NEWS. I doubt if he attended “Antietam Bible Collage” [sic] as he claims. Call them and check their records. And, contact Global University/Berean School Of The Bible. Exactly what did he do to earn his “Doctrine in Divinity” [sic]?
    I will do everything I can to keep this dangerous man away from children and women.

    • Sam Says:

      You are so right this man is more dangerous than any of you know.I do not know how you are related but here is what I know of him.
      He molesting kids and then he has these antistatic pops he gives to people to knock them out. He pulled this woman’s tooth and the got her pregnant and then she came back and told him and he knocked her out and did a abortion on her and I guess there is 3 kids under 13 he got pregnant and he did abortions. His truck his rigged so you can not get out. He supposedly killed a man. He called this man at 2 am and he came over and he has never been seen from science. His wife is scared to death of him he shoves rocks in her and shoved a pop bottle with the metal cap in her and it got stuck and she had to go to the ER to get it removed.he goes to 5th street connections to get dopamine blockers because he is so mentally ill and he gets the highest does available. He has been stalking me for a week.Joe is very dangerous and where his church was there was a back office that was always locked and he would not let anyone in well he had a exam table and a chair you time people up in and he has everything you would use to do surgery like the IV pole and antistatic equipment and he has a doctor coat and a mask and a sign that says Dr Joe is in.
      We will get this man off the street we have hired a attorney and this guy needs to be away for a long time

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