Michael Jackson, 1st God of the 21st Century?

Micheal Jackson was a pop legend. But, can he go the next step and become the first messianic figurehead of a new religion?

People are already speaking to him from beyond the grave and seeing his image manifested in trees. All he will need to become the first official god of the 21st century is a letter writer and a few wise sayings attributed to him.

I’ll event contribute a couple of sayings to the Jackson Q Document:

  • Michael said, “Looketh to the man in the mirror. Ask him to change his ways”
  • “Tito asketh, “Master, how may we remain victorious?” Michael sayeth, “Beateth it! Beateth it. No one, not even the birds in the sky, wants to suffer defeat. Show thy funk, show thy fight. In the end, it will not matter who is wrong, who is right”

So, does Micheal have what it takes to become a god of the 21st century?

All might Michael, who art in heaven

All might Michael, who art in heaven

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