Regina Spektor-Laughing With

What a piece of shit. Normally, I don’t mind religious music. Some of it’s quite nice. But, this Regina Spektor song is just asinine. Not because it’s religious, mind you, but because it’s got that magical combination that I so loath: ignorance and arrogance.

It’s based on the old saying, “there are no atheists in foxholes”, which has never made much of any sense. It’s not so much an argument as it is a sneer, along the lines of “Oh yeah, well I bet you wouldn’t be so cocky if (insert tragedy here).”

The (oddly) common misconception is that atheism is based solely on arrogance and that no one could possibly deny the existence of the supernatural because of logic and reason. One little threat to their mortality and any atheist will immediately kneel and start praying (to the Christian god, of course). Well, I do know atheists that have been in scary life threatening experiences. None of them have reverted to any sort of primitive snake handling, bone rolling, or any other sort of mystical behavior.

As far as “laughing at god”, well she’s right on that one. No one is laughing at god, since one cannont laugh at an imaginary being. Only in the belief in one.

Perhaps a “No One’s Laughing at the Angel Moroni” or “No One’s Laughing at Vishnu” song should be recorded and played continuously on the radio. It would be just as annoying to atheists, but may serve as some sort of education for the holier than thou populace of America. It could assert that it is only arrogance, and not any sort of reason, that allows them to deny the existence of these ghostly entities.

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2 Comments on “Regina Spektor-Laughing With”

  1. Regina Spekter was not being respectful to God and honey reading this dumb idiotic ignorant arrogant blog IS NOT denying The Holy Ghost, it’s just killing brain cells! She’s an Eastern Star. You’re on the same level as she is, so you bashing her Atheist song is confusing.

  2. Victor Says:

    Could you be a little more incoherent, please?

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