Suing the Supernatural

What’s the best way to get a demon off your back? Take them to court, or course.

“A family in Saudi Arabia has filed suit in a religious court against an unnamed genie, or jinn, who sounds most unpleasant: It steals cell phones, whispers threats and occasionally flings stones.”

I certainly hope they are being ironic and attempting to make some sort of point, though … as the law of Poe says, it is impossible to tell the difference between a parody of fundamentalist religious beliefs and the actual beliefs.

The court, of course, has it’s work cut out for them. They have to verify not only the jinn’s existence, but whether or not it is being a nuisance.

“Sheikh Amr Al Salmi, head of the local Sharia court, said he will investigate the family’s claims that it has been harassed for two years: “We have to look into this case and verify its truthfulness despite the difficulty of its consideration,” he told the Saudi daily. “What is interesting is that the complaint has come from every member of the family, and not just one.””

According to the Quran, King Solomon used jinns as indentured servants and his wife, Queen Sheba, was half jinn. Very interesting.

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