A Controlling Cult Leader? Go Figure

Why is it that the “spiritual” leaders of cults are always on trial for crimes of the earthly sort? If this sort of scandal keeps up, I’m going to start thinking that they are nothing but deceitful nuts.

Tony Alamo, aka Papa Tony, who had previously been imprisoned for tax evasion, is currently on trial for sex crimes against his members. And, of course, he wouldn’t be a true cult leader if they were sex crimes against adults. They’re were against vulnerable children.

“Prosecutors alleged in their opening statement Tuesday that Alamo took a girl as young as age 8 as a bride and repeatedly sexually assaulted her and that at least four other girls were raped or assaulted as well. Defense lawyers say the girls traveled the country for outreach and to support the business interests of a “bona fide religious group.””

He sounds like a sociopathic nut with a desire to control others, which seems to fit the profile of this loon.

“The woman, now 30, said children in the compound were not allowed to attend public schools and instead took classes that Alamo himself approved. She also said the pastor’s consent was needed if a follower wanted to obtain food or clothing, or borrow a car from the motor pool.”

And, if all things follow the average stereotype, I bet he’ll be pleading that he was being persecuted.

“”This investigation, this prosecution was fueled by prejudice the government and law enforcement have against Tony Alamo’s church because of its practices,” said Don Ervin, who is leading Alamo’s defense team.”


In the uber religious state that is America, churches can get away murder. They can make a public spectacle by willing death to the President, they can dismiss the mental health issues so many people need help with. It takes a lot for churches to fall under the scrutiny of the law. When they do, it’s not to persecute some asshole preacher.

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