In God You Trust

The US House and Senate passed legislation to carve “In God We Trust” into the visitor center of the Capitol. What part of not endorsing a religion do they not understand? It’s pretty plain and simple, people can follow any religion they like, the “government” can’t.

What are these people, dogs? Having to mark their territory with godspeak? The more people build monuments and adorn buildings with phrases and symbols to their god, the less “religious” and the more “superstitious” they appear. America is starting to look like ancient Rome, with temples and alters every ten feet so people can pray for rain or prosperity.

And get a load of the writer of this article. Who the hell let him have a keyboard? If you’re going to be a prick you should be writing for a blog, not a news source. He seems to think that the theists can do anything they want since it would cost more to fight it than it would to do it. Sounds like they type of guy that bullied kids for their lunch money in grade school.He insists the phrase is innocuous, but still insists on it getting done. Not terribly bright, this one. And, no snotty theist “we’re in charge” letter would be complete without:

“the First Amendment doesn’t grant freedom “from” religion, just freedom “of” religion.”

No one is complaing about a church or a sign in someone’s yard. They’re complaining about the government endorsing religion. It’s pretty simple.

I suppose I could start sacrificing goats on the steps of the Capitol building. When the inevitable complaints begin, I can parrot back “it’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, though I seriously doubt the capacity of anyone that voted for this bill to grasp the irony.

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18 Comments on “In God You Trust”

  1. dromedaryhump Says:

    Article VI section 3 of the constitution specifically states that there can be no religious test to hold public office. Since only US citizens can hold public office it thus guarantees the lack of belief, a freedom from religion, as the right of citizens. (I covered this in chapter 36 of my book)

    So while the 1st amendment doesn’t specifically state freedom from religion, article VI sec. 3 takes care of that.

    ofcourse, there isn’t a religious (read : Republican) representative who has the inclination or intellect to actually know the constitution, or care about it.



  2. vjack Says:

    It conveys the idea that the majority can do whatever it wants, including violating the Constitution. Issues like this should bring the atheist community together to activism, but they don’t. Perhaps that is one of the reasons they keep happening.

  3. This move is so asinine I can only imagine it’s being done solely to drain resources due to litigation. Speaking of which, the FFRF is currently fighting the case, throwing a couple of bucks their way can only help.

  4. dromedaryhump Says:

    Guys…we need to pick our battles more carefully. In God we trust doesn’t promote a specific religion. It’s already on our money for 50 years and that hasn’t been successfully challenged. Wringing our hands over that motton on a building is a tad after the fact.

    I’ve come to terms swith this idiocy, because when I read In God We Trust..I take it to mean the God of reason, of reality of knowledge and learning, of scientific discovery, of questioning, of modernity. In otherwords… I revere man’s intellect.

    what a satanist, muslim, christian , jew eor any of the religions want to attribute to that saying is up to their individual interpretation.

    Now… go buy my fuckin book, you cheap heathen godless bastards!!



  5. “In Abstract Concept We Trust”?

  6. dromedaryhump Says:

    There ya go!

  7. charles r williams Says:

    God is NOT a religon. God is a fact. God is real,and is our creator. These truths are evident the majority, irregardless of any religon.

    • Bart Says:

      Fact? As a religionist you don’t know the meaning 0of the word fact. Your very use of the word in connection with a supernatural diety of some sort discredits its meaning.

      Here’s a “fact”: with out proof; with no supporting objective evidence; with no peer review of that evidence, or repeatability, or evidence subject to falsification – it’s not “fact.”

      “God is fact” holds exactly the same weight as my saying “Your mother coupled with Big Foot and aborted the product of their union.” Now what? You going to accept that as fact, or ask for my objective and irrefutable evidence?

      That said… you’re an imbecile.

  8. charles r williams Says:

    I am no religionist, believe me. I just know, from experience, that God is the most real thing there is. The majority of us know and accept the fact that God is real. God is a fact. This must be accepted as fact. We are alive. This ia a fact . Someone can argue this is not a fact, because we cannot prove that we are alive. We know we are alive, in so many ways, we know this as a fact.

    • charles r williams Says:

      “My mother coupled with Big Foot and aborted the product of their union.โ€ This is a lie . You know this is not true just as much as I do. ” God is a fact “. I know this to be the truth, but You don’t.
      because you have no real knowledge. Just because you don’t understand, does not mean that this is not a fact.

    • Bart Says:

      You’re not a religionst, but believe God is a fact?
      Charles… here’s a fact: You’re either 15 years old, and/or a fucking moron.

    • charles r williams Says:

      come on Barf, don’t be a sore loser..

    • Victor Says:

      Charles, if you believe in the existence of a god or gods, you are religious, by definition. Not organizing your thoughts or not attending a church service doesn’t make you not religious, it just makes you lazy.

      Aside from that, just asserting the existence of a god (or of anything, for that matter) does nothing. Plenty of people assert all kinds of things, crazy, sane, and indifferent. If you would like to discuss something in specific, you could bring up the some of the experiences you mention. Though, you may have to explain you concept of something being “more real” that other things.

  9. Bart Says:

    “come on Barf, donโ€™t be a sore loser..”

    I said he was 15 yrs old, I nailed it!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nothing more to be seen here folks, move along.

    • Charlie Says:

      You are wrong again. I am 65 years young.
      Sorry you don’t or won’t understand,
      I made my point. Im done here. I’m not going to hang out here and have my intellegence insulted . ……

  10. Victor Says:

    Charlie, the entire point is that you did not make your point. You merely made some assertions. If you had chosen to converse about these experiences of yours, then there would be something to talk about. I’m not sure what kind of conversations you’ve been doing for 65 years, but it’s no wonder you’re being mistaken for an adolescent if you seriously believe that people will believe anything you say with no evidence.

    • Charlie Says:

      You don’t even make any abstract points. Alll you do is insult me.
      You guys are blind ,and Im sorry to say there is little or no hope for you.
      Without God in your life, you are doomed to failure. I made my point.
      If you dont understand, I’m sorry .There is nothing else I can do for you. I tried.

  11. Victor Says:

    ” Alll you do is insult me.”

    I asked you to share these experiences of yours that proved your god is the most real thing there is (the only actual claim I could find in your messages). If didn’t have anything to talk about, why are you even here? Are you just venting? You could strap on a sandwich board and yell at passerbys on the street corner. You might get some more immediate feedback with that.

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