Holy Shit, It’s the “Virgin” Mary

Early this year, the Pope said, enough’s enough. He’s sick of all the Virgin Mary sightings showing up in toast, on griddles, in tree stumps …  he’s cracking down, damn it! Further claims of Mary sightings will be investigated fully by a team of “psychiatrists, psychologists, theologians and priests who will investigate the claims systematically”.

Well, will he put his money were his mouth is and investigate this one? The Virgin Mary had been spotted in a plop of bird shit (no word yet on what kind of bird it was, but I’m sure that species will be sanctified once they find out).

No matter how authoritarian the Pope wants to pretend to be, there is no stopping the superstitious. Listen to the news report in the link, they turn every little detail into some kind of stupendous miracle. The truck was usually in the garage, but they just happened to park in the the driveway on that day.He hadn’t visited his sister in a while but he just happened to go to see her that day. Truthfully, if these things are the miracles that people talk about, I guess my expectations have just been too high.

And, yes, they do plan on keeping the bird shit.

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2 Comments on “Holy Shit, It’s the “Virgin” Mary”

  1. Stephanie Z Says:

    I have to wonder why there seem to be so many of these recently. Is it a symptom of bad news reporting spreading easily online? Am I seeing them more because the atheist blogs find them so (rightly) mockable? Or are the economy and global warming just making people look harder for signs?

    • I assume it’s just news feeds being better at catching stories. Or, the news media being more willing to laugh at hokey superstitions. Or, it could be the end times, who knows?

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