The Pope Practices “Naturalistic” Medicine

This is truly disturbing. Last week, the Pope endorsed a pagan religion, and the lord duly punished him for it by breaking his arm. Now, instead of learning his lesson and trusting in God to heal his sick ways, he is turning to “naturalist” medicine for a “quick and easy” cure.

“Benedict XVI trusts the doctors who operated on his wrist Friday after a fall Thursday evening at his vacation chalet in northern Italy caused a fracture.”

These naturalist quacks may be minimizing this punishment from God by calling it a “fracture” but, until the Pope realizes the error of his ways and accepts Christ as the only healer he will never get better.

I long for the days of a Pope you could trust, like Pope Urban II. Now that was a pope.

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One Comment on “The Pope Practices “Naturalistic” Medicine”

  1. dromedaryhump Says:

    My favorite Pope was Stephen II. He died in office after only three days.
    I’d like to see all popes follow in Stephen’s excellent example.


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