The Devil Made Her Do It

Police said they found a 3 1/2-week-old infant stabbed and decapitated in a Texas home on Sunday and his mother screaming that she killed her son after the devil told her to do it.

I, of course, call bullshit on her little story. This woman killed her child in a gruesome way and is blaming a mythological character. She is obviously severely mentally ill and should never under any circumstances be allowed around children ever again. Since this happened in Texas, she will most likely be executed. As liberal as I am, I can’t complain. She can never in good conscience ever be allowed in public unsupervised ever again. Though, the ones usually calling for the death penalty in cases like this are the people that label themselves Christians, and they are the ones that should be taking her seriously. She is, after all, claiming that a character that they claim to believe in made her commit the crime. According to Christian beliefs, she is innocent. It is only denial of Christian beliefs that could ever blame either her or any mental imbalance for the crime.

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4 Comments on “The Devil Made Her Do It”

  1. blaming a fictional character for ones actions is a way of avoiding personal responsibility. Kids always did it as “johnny made me do it” adult christians wanting to avoid responsibilty blame boogie men.

    Personal responsibility has never been the corner stone of christian doctrine. Its evidenced by prosperity theologians who say pray for money and success. Its the will of GOD that so and so died of a disease she could have been treated for. Its Satan who made me do it.

    Fuck em. I say burn the bitch. Maybe she and that florida woman who killed her kid and for who christians are “praying” could be excuted at the same time… a double header. His will be done.

    Yours in Cheeses,

  2. Info Says:

    First of all, just because you are christian doesn’t mean you belive in the devil! Also, it doesn’t make killing ok, nor does it make captial punishment ok!!!! Don’t try 2 speak for all christians!

    • I’m not claiming to speak for all Christians, I’m merely stating Christian doctrine. The devil is in scripture and spoke one on one with Christ. If you or any other person wants to pick and choose different parts of the Bible to believe in you are free to do so, but how you can still claim it is Christianity is bewildering. Evil spirits are shown invading human bodies in the Bible and that is what this woman is claiming.

  3. Info…
    so, you reject the existence of Satan? Are you saying Satan isn’t biblical, isn’t scriptural? Or that its a fiction, man’s invention?

    If you reject Satan as a genuine entity, or force / influence on man, what other biblical precepts do you reject? Angels? Resurrection? life after death? Hell? Heaven? God? Trinity? Original Sin?

    Curious.. exactly what “pick and chose” form of Christianity do you subscribe to and why?


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