Birthers: Bat Shit Crazy

The Birthers have not only taken the cake, they’re rolling around naked in it with this honest to goodness holy shit moment: they’ve faked a Kenyan birth certificate for Barak Obama!

“It took just 48 hours to definitively expose Taitz’s find as a forgery, and for the document that it was apparently based off of to surface. It’s a certified copy of a birth certificate for one David Jeffrey Bomford, born in South Australia in April 1959.”

Did they really think they could get far with this? I mean they would have to be severely handicapped to think that this could make it more than a week, let alone survive any sort of court proceedings that would be required to de-seat the President.

This little stunt should be the shot that sinks the ship. Anyone who supports the cause now will be labeled a nut job. It even looks like World Nut Daily is withdrawing support. Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship.

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