Glenn Beck Jokes About Posioning Nancy Pelosi

What the hell is wrong with this stupid son of a bitch?

Are the off handed remarks about paying to get into a fund raiser supposed to be controversial? I think I’ve seen more intelligent political opinion expressed on Romper Room. If this is what passes as political discussion on Fox News it’s no wonder the birthers have gotten a foothold in the government.

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3 Comments on “Glenn Beck Jokes About Posioning Nancy Pelosi”

  1. vjack Says:

    I think I’d be okay with this if Beck’s show was promoted as comedy rather than news. If he wants to have a show like The Daily Show, let him have one. But to try to pass what he does off as news is absurd.

  2. Teleprompter Says:

    To be fair (why am I saying this?), Beck is only copying off Chris Matthews and his peers.

    If Matthews and Lou Dobbs have their “newsy” non-news shows, that opens the gate for Beck. It’s been a long time since news meant news.

  3. Pat Sitton Says:

    He’s just copying Ann Coulter suggesting that someone should put poison in Justice Stephens creme brulee. In her case, though, it wasn’t an off-the-cuff spontaneous witticism. She wrote it into a published book and quoted it publicly on a number of occasions.

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