Bus driver suspended over atheist ad

An Iowan bus drive has been suspended for refusing to drive a bus that was displaying an atheist bus ad. It is nice to hear that, in this economy, some people are comfortable enough to get right up and walk off the job.

“Angela Shiel was suspended on Monday after she refused to drive a bus with an Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers ad on its side. The ad reads “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.”

Shiel says the message is against her Christian faith.”

I don’t know whether she felt like she was personally responsible for all ads the bus displayed. And, if so, I wonder what other ads have adorned the side of the bus in the past. Did she indeed feel the fever for the flavor of a Pringle? Was she “in good hands” with Allstate? Can she hear me now?

bus adAll in all, it’s a pretty benign ad. It doesn’t even mention any particular religion, only that there are other non-believers out there so don’t feel alone. Some folks do apparently feel the need to squelch all opposing view points. As I always say, if anyone wants to live in a totalitarian theocracy, they can move to Iran.

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2 Comments on “Bus driver suspended over atheist ad”

  1. Don’t believe in God? You are VERY alone.

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