Glenn Beck Attempts to Spell Oligarchy

He does get most of the letters. Misses the C, though: winds up spelling “oligarhy”. Of course, he’s just picking random letters out of a list of words. He could have spelled just about anything.

It surprises me that this man is on the air. Well, not completely. I can see some people wanting to tune in to see a man suffer a complete nervous break down on the air, though that’s not my cup of tea. But, as I have learned recently, some people take this man as a serious source of news.

I can take some right wing politics. There are plenty of conservatives at work that are bright people that I talk politics with on a regular basis. But, why are the top conservative commentators overly emotional reactionaries?  If Glenn Beck truly sees the Obama administration as an oligarchy, then he should explain how he thinks the political system has radically changed since the last president. How was the government of any given year any different? Next to Beck, Bill O’Reilly looks like a calm gracious philosopher. In fact, maybe that’s why the keep Beck around: to make the other guys look sane.

I can not picture taking advice about anything from a man as childish as Glenn Beck.

This is your brain. This in your brain on Glen Beck.

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