Vatican Bullshit

Penn and Teller’s television show Bullshit recently aired an episode that focused on the Vatican. The Vatican didn’t like it.

The episode was freely available in a few places on the internet, but it appears to be being removed from some of those as of yesterday. I’ve found the pieces of it on YouTube, though. Here’s part one. You should be able to find the rest once you’re there.

This the response from the Catholic League.

Penn & Teller’s Nazi-like assault on Catholicism that took place on August 27 will go down in history as one of the most vile, obscene programs ever aired in any nation.

The response is, like the show’s name, bullshit. Aside form a couple of snide remarks, Penn and Teller pretty much stick to the facts: there aren’t any bogus accusations or off the wall conspiracy theories, just recaps of stories that have already been covered widely in the press. And, of course, none of the claims made in the video are responded to in the Catholic League’s letter. The League simply claims the episode to be “obscene” and “Nazi-like” (and you would think that they would downplay any comparisons to Nazis. The Catholic Church, after all, doesn’t exactly have a glowing record opposing the real Nazis).

A few of the items covered in the video:

  • The Vatican’s censorship of contradictory viewpoints (true)
  • Vatican’s support of criminal charges for homosexuality (true)
  • Vatican’s cover up of child molestation cases (true)

If the CC wants to answer any of the accusations rather than should persecution, they should. I think we would all appreciate that.

As P&T make clear in the beginning of the piece, the Vatican has had a couple thousand years to voice their opinions and for the majority of that time, all descent was met with some pretty harsh treatment.

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2 Comments on “Vatican Bullshit”

  1. pelagian7 Says:

    Rather than squabble over current bullshit, I propose we expose the fraudulent origins of the Church. They use the Bible to support their existence, claiming it is divinly inspired. However, even their own catholic encyclopedia provides evidence of editing and correction. Beyond that their very own jesus calls pharisees and scribes, vipers, or from a Jew, a serpent. He was cussing out two groups, using the most evil name available, those who wrote scripture and those who were the literal interpreters of scripture. Luckily Paul, a Roman, came along and created their pastorals. Anyway, attack their core, then they will either change or die out. Brian

  2. Their best defense has always been their offense. i.e. Threaten to expose childmolester priests, and the current pope signed the edict that you’d be excommunicated. Doesn’t that say it all?

    The Vatian is a blight on civilization.

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