Prostituting Pastor in Prior Lake

The pastor for LifePrint Church in Prior Lake MN was arrested today in a prostitution sting.

The pastor of a new church in Prior Lake that has cultivated both a physical and online presence was arrested Tuesday in an undercover prostitution sting on St. Paul’s East Side.

The Rev. John K. Erbele, 35, was one of 16 “johns” arrested after they responded to an ad placed on the Internet, police spokesman Sgt. Paul Schnell said Wednesday.

Why does he need to go to a prostitute? You would think the head of a successful church wouldn’t have any problem finding tail. Maybe he’s shy, but if he flashed that collar around around a bit and shouted out a couple of “hallelujahs” he could get a date. Women love that shit.

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4 Comments on “Prostituting Pastor in Prior Lake”

  1. Jason Sexton Says:

    Great my home town. Gotta love it, even better they are using one of the local schools to hold church in.

  2. heather b Says:

    you may claim missoula, MT but they aren’t claiming you any more.

  3. jason sexton Says:

    Kind of wondering the same thing.

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