Gays Ran You Out? Join the Catholics

The recent gay friendly atmosphere in the Episcopalian Church had driven out some nuns right into the hands of the Catholic Church, which is, apparently, more than willing to enable their bigotry.

In a move that religious scholars say is unprecedented, 10 of the 12 nuns at an Episcopal convent in Catonsville left their church on Thursday to become Roman Catholics, the latest defectors from a denomination divided over the ordination of gay men and women.

And now the have church hopped to a group that keeps homosexuality firmly in the closet. Apparently, the word of God is not meant for everyone, just those that fit certain molds. And, of course, they did not really “leave the church” the “church left them”. Really.

“Our church left us,” Deborah Conyers said. “It has diluted the message to suit everyone. Luckily the joy of Catholicism balanced the sadness of leaving where we had been.”

The Pastor at the Episcopalian Church had this to say:

“This is like watching your child go off to college,” he said. “It is too bad that they have gone, but their new learning experiences will be good.”

Sadly, I think their days of learning are long over.

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