“Tea Party” Leader Calls Obama Muslim Thug

“Tea Party” leader Mark Williams calls Obama an “Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug” on CNN and then has the audacity to defend saying it. Quit frankly, I think the guy is a bit of a weirdo. He’s vague about everthing he says, so much so it’s hard to even question him on topic.

He even claims that everything they’re protesting is actually just a metaphor (thereby removing any responsibility from him or his followers to help construct better solutions). I hate to be the one to tell him this, but you can’t make laws based on metaphor. If he has problems being specific, then perhaps he should step down from his leadership position. Teenage agnst is not a position, it’s something you’re supposed to grow out of.

Why can’t he say what all this is a metaphor for? If I were to wager a guess, I think it has something to do with the “supremacy” of his particular ethnic identity.

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