Jimmy Carter: Wilson’ Outburst Racist

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7 Comments on “Jimmy Carter: Wilson’ Outburst Racist”

  1. John Says:

    Wow! What a powerful weapon! If you disagree with Obama you’re a racist.

    Jimmy Carter needs to stick to building houses and avoid speaking in public.

    • Seems to me that there are ways of disagreeing with the President that don’t require yelling. I’m not sure if Mr Wilson is racist or not, but he sure is acting very bizarre. There is something up with his behavior that is more than just a disagreement with a health plan. Adults don’t act like that.

      Jimmy Carter is getting brave in his old age. I’m glad he’s calling people out on there immature behavior. Wilson made an accusation. If he’s serious about it, he should then show his cards and explain why he thinks the plan requires coverage of illegal aliens. He hasn’t done it and page 132 of the plan seems to make it pretty clear that it won’t. Wilson can either provide evidence for his claims, or go down in history as the “angry man”.

    • John Says:

      Sure it was inappropriate behavior on Wilson’s part, but I don’t want the default setting for disagreeing with the President that you’re a racist.

      As to the coverage of illegal aliens my main concern is that no matter what’s written some wild-eyed do-gooder from the ACLU will bring a lawsuit on behalf of illegal aliens everywhere so they’re included.

      But yeah, screw Joe Wilson to the wall, it’s not like he called New York “Hymie town”. Maybe we can just apply the rules developed last year for Rev Wright and say that you weren’t there all the other times Joe Wilson was speaking in Congress or he that he was just quoted out of context (joking)!

  2. Teleprompter Says:

    Was Jeremiah Wright an official representative of the citizens of the United States, subject to the traditional decorum of the Congress?


    Then I think your analogy fails.

  3. I don’t think he should be punished. He should just be asked to present his data. He obviously has an objection of some kind, and we need to find out if it’s valid or purely emotionally based. Perhaps he saw a loophole somewhere that needs to be closed up. That would be great if that’s the case, it’ll save lawsuits in the future. Unfortunately, he isn’t presenting his case and with his behavior, he may not be take too seriously in the future. People that shout loudly and then have nothing to say are often dismissed out of hand, and rightfully so.

  4. John Says:

    I KNEW I forgot one!

    How about this analogy…it’s not like he said that the President performed “stupidly”.

    Also the subject was racism, and I’m still not stipulating that yelling someone lied in a rude manner somehow hearkens to Jim Crow.

    In any case, the good folks at Politifacts have Wilson’s assertions as FALSE so he doesn’t have any data to present http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2009/sep/09/joe-wilson/joe-wilson-south-carolina-said-obama-lied-he-didnt/

    • How does Wilson’s behavior invoke accusations of racism? Like I said, if he had a case to present, he needs to present it (and your link showed he didn’t). Otherwise we can suspect that there are other reasons for his behavior that he’s not being honest about. Jimmy Carter suspects it’s racism. He may be right he may be wrong. But when someone is obviously that far off base and appears to be that angry, what are we to think? Wilson’s job is to read and understand the bill. He’s either not doing his job or he’s blinded by some sort of anger be it racially or politically motivated.

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