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Round Round, Get Around, She Gets Around

September 17, 2009

Jesus never really bothered extending his travels to teach his message anyplace outside of walking distance of Galilee, (unless you’re Morman, of course). But, his mother is making up for that. She’s just turned up in Samoa.

A week after Samoans prayed en masse for a safe switch to driving on the left, a vision of the Virgin Mary has appeared.

The Pacific nation stopped this week as hundreds of Catholic believers gathered to worship an image they say is Mary.

At one time, more than 500 people worshipped the vision, which appeared on the wall of a Congregational Christian Church building in the capital Apia on Tuesday.

Believers say the wavering form, shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle, is clearly that of Mary with a rosary in her hands. Others say it looks more like Christ.

Mary Coke

I think it does look more like a Coke bottle, but that’s probably just the Holy Spirit playing tricks on me..