Another Priest Fathers a Child

Another “celibate” Catholic priest, David Dueppen of Miami, has fathered a child. It would be old news, except for this wonderful quote from the mother:

“He is the devil,” said Hernandez, 42, of Miami, who provided DNA test results naming Dueppen as the father. “He is the devil dressed as an angel.”

She is referring Dueppen’s attempt to strangle her during a fight. Perhaps the lord was guiding his hands?

But, It’s not like the church itself was trying to cover anything up. What? Oh, they did know about it?

The couple’s past relationship was well-known to the church. Three years ago, the archdiocese paid Hernandez a settlement stemming from their long-running affair, which started seven years ago.

Not to sound like a broken record, but if they didn’t require celibacy, they wouldn’t be getting weirdos as priest and thus avoid most of these problems. Plus, since the priest’s sex lives would have nothing to do with their position, any conflicts they had in their personal lives would be entirely their own issues to deal with instead of scandals the church needs to cover up, often by buying their way out. (I wonder how it makes Catholics feel when they realize their lifetime’s donations to their church may have been used to pay hush money to a priest’s hoochie mama?).

Of course, they would have to give up on their apostolic succession jive, but not even Catholics buy that bullshit.

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