Glenn Beck and “White Culture”

I’m not sure what he was talking about, Katie Couric isn’t sure, and, as it turns out, Glenn Beck doesn’t know what he was talking about either. He believes Barak Obama hates “white culture”. When asks what he means by “white culture” he plays games, squirms in his chair, and looks a bit like Micheal Scott on the Office. Perhaps he was looking for a frog to boil.

When a person that is paid to talk is speechless, he might be a bit ashamed of wait he said.

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5 Comments on “Glenn Beck and “White Culture””

  1. He exposed himself as the mental midget and dishonest cretin that we’ve always known he was. Fun to watch him self destruct. Kudos to Couric for not letting him off the hook.

    what a dildo that guy is.

  2. John Says:

    What do you expect from someone who warned about government concentration camps? That’s left over from Y2K.

    My breaking point was when he stated his belief that America has been in decline since (and because) evolution is taught in school! I wish you could post that clip!

    • I did not know about that. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

    • John Says:

      I remember it was around April 7th because that was the day Judge Napolitano on Fox and Friends said that Christopher Hitchens book was “going to burn”. Disturbing statement for a former Superior Court Judge. Between Becks’nonsnense and that I stopped watching Fox News….too aggravating.

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