Pope Should Reclaim His Religious Past

Pope Joseph Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI, is urging Czechs to “reclaim their Christian heritage“.

Visiting the Czech Republic 20 years after a Velvet Revolution overthrew the nation’s communist regime, Pope Benedict XVI called on one of the world’s most secular societies to reclaim its Christian heritage as the basis for “true freedom.”

Well, I would also like to take part in the spiritual awakening of the world by urging Pope Ratzinger to reclaim his religious heritage. Worship Odin! After all, this Jesus figure that seems to dominate the Pope’s religious attention has never once even visited the German homeland. So, it is a bit ridiculous for there to be so many German Christians. I mean, if a god/man can’t take the time to even visit … he could even have used that mind reading trick he used on Paul and popped right inside of a few German skulls. Germany was converted by individual’s with dubious morals and it was met with a bit of resistance. So, embrace your pagan heritage, Pope! You know you want to.

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One Comment on “Pope Should Reclaim His Religious Past”

  1. Gotta get his percentage of the Czech’s disposable income. Thar’s sheep to be fleeced, and he wants his cut.

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