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Stuck in Old Lodi Again

October 1, 2009

The Lodi City Council voted 5-0 to keep prayer in the public square town hall meetings. Only, according to this link, they got the vote by threatening to blackmail the mayor unless he voted in their favor.

From the link:

“Secret emails now available at show that Lodi Mayor Larry Hansen changed his previous plan to vote against Jesus, two days ago on 28 September. Coincidentally, that same day he was notified by a Lodi newspaper that The Pray In Jesus Name Project would publish highway billboards announcing his vote, if he had voted against Jesus, likely damaging his chances of re-election next year.

“The timeline on our web-site, quoting Mayor Hansen’s own emails and words, clearly shows he suddenly changed his vote upon hearing of our plan to purchase billboards,” said Chaplain Klingenschmitt who led a 400-person Jesus rally in Lodi last month. “

According to the proposal, the prayer is supposed to uncensored and not favoring any religion, though it’s sponsored by the “Pray In Jesus Name Project” which sounds a bit Christo-specific, to me. Not to mention all the mentions of Jesus-this, Jesus-that in the “secret email” message.

“This victory should inspire legislators across America, that 85% of polled voters want you to allow public prayers ‘in Jesus name,’ even in public venues,” said Chaplain Klingenschmitt.

Only, they don’t want “public prayers”, they want prayers in government settings, specifically. Otherwise they could pray anywhere else (which they can), at any other time (which they can). What they want is to make a public show of them being “pious” in a government setting so they can claim the government is endorsing it. They have shown that they are not above playing dirty pool to get their way. They shame and blackmail others to do their bidding; they’re just not good people. Knowing what these people will resort to, would any non-Christian or atheist feel safe giving a prayer during the town hall meeting? It’s harassment. Christ, just the time added to the meetings is enough to vote no. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.