Bishop Bopping the Bishop To Babies

I wonder how Catholic’s that just gave money to their church feel knowing that their donation just went to pay bail for a pedophile?

Bishop Raymond Lahey was released on $9,000 bail after turning himself in to Ottawa police on Thursday afternoon to face charges of possessing and importing child pornography.

The Roman Catholic cleric, who resigned his post in Nova Scotia on the weekend before news of the charges broke, has been ordered to stay away from parks and from children. He is not allowed to use the internet, and while he is free he is to stay in Rogersville, N.B. The town is the site of a Trappist monastery.

I’m sure it was “wholesome” child porn, though. Lots of angels in the background. Maybe some of those “Putto” pictures. Those are wholesome, right?

Or, maybe it’s all part of that “God’s Plan” I hear so much about.

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2 Comments on “Bishop Bopping the Bishop To Babies”

  1. schmenz Says:

    Just to be precise, the correct word is “ephebophile” since homosexuals generally aren’t interested in young children but rather in adolescent boys.

    So here is the Church, suffering from an infestation of poofs into its priesthood unprecedented in its entire 2,000 year history, taking the brickbats from everybody and their brother and still not (yet) doing enough to purge the Church of sodomites….you know, sodomites: the kind of people who are always depicted as carefree, funloving, intelligent chaps on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS almost nightly, and who hold “pride” parades and festivals all over the world and who engage in campaigns to lower the age of consent, who many of which are suffering from hepatitus-B, who rape, torture and murder some of their unwilling “lovers” (like Jesse Dirkhising, etc.). That’s right, those sodomites.

    I’ve always found it amusing that the news media which pushes for these sexual miscreants to be given special treatment, media exaltation, marriage certificates and God knows what else are the same media who jump on some clerical pervert who takes them up on their recommendations. The hypocrisy never seems to penetrate their extraordinarily dull brains, I guess.

  2. Victor Says:

    You honestly see no difference in fucking children and fucking a consenting adult? Really? That’s pretty sick.

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