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The Imminent End of the Age

October 5, 2009

Robert M Price’s take on the End of the Age passages in the Bible.


God of the Week: Thor

October 5, 2009

God of the Week 10/05/09: Thor

ThorThor is the Germanic god of Thunder. He is well known for his ease to anger and for his magic hammer, Mjöllnir, that would return to him after he threw it as a weapon.

He was very popular among the Germanic peoples, arguably even more popular than Odin, the father god of their  myths. Molds found that feature both a cross and a hammer melded together, appears to signify that Thor was still honored long after Christ worship entered central Europe.

Thor is depicted as dying after a ferocious battle with the serpent Jörmungandr. Common myths across differing cultures of gods that personified storms and battled serpents, such has Thor, Indra, and Yahweh, as well as linguistic connections, lead to the formation of theories of the migration of ancient peoples across Europe, through the Middle East, and into the Indian sub-continent. This theory was later abused by Nazi propagandists that attempted to use it to promote their belief of racial superiority, though the theory itself makes no such assertion.

Video: How Thor got his hammer: