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Liberty Council Tries “Mind Control” on Liberals

October 8, 2009

Apparently, the Conservative Christian lead group Liberty Council is going to attempt to use mind control to get the mean and nasty liberals to do their bidding.

“We believe in the power of God. We are commanded to pray for our leaders, even those we disagree with,” says Mat Staver, who, as head of Liberty Counsel, spends most of his time fighting for Christian causes in court. “And so we are asking people to pray so that our leaders are restored to right thinking.”

I don’t know what else you would call it. Remote hypnosis? They are attempting to change the way some other person thinks with the power of their minds. Or, rather, the power of their minds to manipulate an invisible being that will then, in turn, manipulate these other people’s minds. So, that makes it “not crazy” somehow? I’ve totally given up referring to any of theses people as religious, cause they’re not. They’re superstitious primitives. They will never be able to see how silly their “magic” and “witchcraft” is. Or even that it isn’t working.

When Barney Frank was notified that he was a target of the attempted mind hijacking he said:

“They didn’t bother to tell me,” he says. “Maybe they thought I would find out by revelation.”