Superstious Stare At Sun To See God

A group of superstitious Irish, chose October 12th to stare at the sun until they started to see things. They apparently expected to see a manifestation of a female character in a two thousand year old Jewish myth. Their experiences differed though, if this turns out to be like other sun staring events, I’m sure, they will eventually reconcile them the differences and all claim a unified religious experience.

One sun starer described his hallucination this way:

“I witnessed the sun go all different colours, yellow, red and green. Then it completely darkened and began shimmering. Sometimes the sun emitted a clean, bright light, then it would darken again”

While another described it as such:

“The sun was spinning in the sky. I experienced a feeling of total happiness. It is a feeling I would love to experience again. It was amazing. I felt marvellous.”

Neither of them described seeing a two thousand year old Middle Eastern woman.

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One Comment on “Superstious Stare At Sun To See God”

  1. I wonder if the loss of vision that results from staring at the sun will be considered a sign from God.

    I can picture them walking around with white canes and a sign around their necks saying “God Blessed me with Blindness… He’ll do the same for YOU”

    Ah… theist idiots. If we didn’t have them for entertainment, we’d have to invent them.

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