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The Spectre is Now a Christian Shill

October 20, 2009

spectreIt’s official, The Spectre is now a Christian shill. I’ve recently had the immense displeasure of reading Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre and it may have ruined my interest in the supernatural comic book genre.

Ok, I’m not really much of a comic reader of late. I was simply trying to re-connect with my youth and catch up on what’s been happening with some of the more interesting and mysterious characters in the DC canon. And enjoy some more light hearted reading, of course (too much science and biblical criticism can make one rather narrowly focused).

Truth be told, I had not really read much of the Spectre when I was a youthful comic reader, either. But, I had always though him to be a pretty intriguing looking character, always just lurking in the background – his intention or purpose being just outside of the scope of the Justice League stories I enjoyed. I had recently read the Crisis on Infinite Earths bound edition comic, so I figured that a Crisis Aftermath title would be a pretty good follow up read. Next thing I knew, I had been suckered into buying a big hunk of Christian propaganda. The Spectre is now working for Yahweh.

In his born again re-invention, Mr Specre announces to his new human counterpart that he had previously forgotten his “true nature” on Earth, but he now realizes that he is actually “God’s instrument of divine justice”. A matter of a few pages later, however, he back tracks to infinity by announcing that the decision for damnation or redemption isn’t his to make, and that he is actually just “preparing” the sinners for judgment. And, this is done by killing all the criminals they find in ironic and painful ways reminiscent of the worst of Buddhist hells.

I could see myself enjoying this re-invention, if done right. I enjoy Judeo-Christian mythology (the Exorcist is one of my favorite films), I’m just not a fan of the Christian version of “justice”. I find it rather appalling and distasteful, even in fictional form. And, it could be a coincidence, but I find it odd that the one character that manages to survive more than a have dozen panels just happens to have a Jewish name.

In the same Amazon order I also picked up a Dr Fate title … I’m looking at it with trepidation now. What sort of re-invention might have befallen the sorcerer?