Paul Haggis Leaves Church of Scientology

According to this article, Paul Haggis, director Crash and writer of Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale, quite Scientology after 35 years once his wife was told by the “church” to “disconnect” from her parents.

Speaking about Tommy Davis, spokesman for the CoS, who denies the allegation, Harris said:

“That’s not ancient history, Tommy. It was a year ago. And you could laugh at the question as if it was a joke? You could publicly state that it doesn’t exist? To see you lie so easily, I am afraid I had to ask myself: what else are you lying about?”

Paul also commented on the CoS’s stance on the Prop 8 vote:

“You had allowed our name to be allied with the worst elements of the Christian Right…Despite all the church’s words about promoting freedom and human rights, its name is now in the public record alongside those who promote bigotry and intolerance, homophobia and fear.”

I support Haggis in his denouncement of the Cos, not because they are the spooky “Scientologists” (their beliefs aren’t any stranger than Christianity, IMO), but because all members of all organizations that support institutionalized bigotry should speak out, Mormon’s, Catholics, whatever. If they do not, it only adds to the illusion that entire blocks of people support such nonsense. Each individual can believe what they want, they cannot enforce those beliefs on others.

He also provides an excellent example on how to speak out against religious institutions: he sticks firmly to the issues that he has problems with and doesn’t resort to ad hominem attacks or hearsay.

The CoS is known for playing hard ball against those that talk about them in the press, so it will be interesting to see the fallout from this. The Cos is pretty deeply connected in Hollywood, as well, so many business connections my have been severed.

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