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Bible Teacher Seduces Teenage Girls

October 28, 2009

Robert Louis Rosseau, a Bible teacher at Christian Academy in San Antonio has used the ol’, “Come Join My Secret Society That Helps Mankind, But First You Need To Sleep With Me So I Know I Can Trust You” routine on a couple of teenage girls. Oldest trick in the (Good) Book. Where do you think they Bible came from? Nerds needed to get girls somehow before guitars were invented.

A 37-year-old teacher accused of creating a “secret society” to lure teenage girls into having sex with him was arrested Monday evening after a girl he allegedly wanted to recruit into the group complained to police, authorities said.

Robert Louis Rosseau taught Bible classes — among other subjects — to eighth-graders at Christian Academy of San Antonio.

The affidavit states Rosseau would read Bible passages to the two girls “to legitimize his believed ability” to have sex with them.

Personally, I think he was going to way too much trouble. These girls sound pretty gullible, I think they would have slept with him for a hand full of gummy bears.

That teen told authorities that the two girls who were members of the society, which they referred to as an “order,” attempted to recruit her into the group on two weekends in September. To become a member, the two girls told the teen, she had to be “intimate” with Rosseau to establish trust, according to an arrest affidavit.

That teen told authorities she was persuaded into joining the order after being told it was “geared to help mankind,” the affidavit states.

I going to be a bit skeptical on this one and say that I don’t think he ever really intended to help mankind. Not one bit.


Top Scientologist Refuses to Answer Xenu Question

October 28, 2009

A short video outlining the bizarre Xenu story attributed to the Church of Scientology.

This story is very popular on the internet and has been featured on South Park. Is this true? Is the Xenu story a tenet of Scientology? I, for one, would love to know. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just ask a Scientologist? Unfortunately, this Scientologist (Tommy Davis, head of the Celebrity Centre) refuses to answer the question and he leaves the interview in a huff (saying yes or no apparently not being an option). (at the 3:40 mark)

My guess is that he is legally unable to answer the question. After all, if they genuinely found the Xenu meme to be that insulting, then it wouldn’t be one of their beliefs and he would just deny it, would he? I know good and well that Evangelical Christians don’t find evolution feasible, but I accept it and I don’t shy away from saying that I do.

Personally, I think they should play up the Xenu aspect. People love shit like that. The “oh yeah, you can’t prove it’s not true” method of argumentation seems to work pretty well for most religions, I don’t see why Scientologists would feel the need for secrecy. While they’re at it, they should throw Bigfoot in the mix, too. People love Bigfoot.