Got to Get Me a Piece of This Racket

This sounds like a guaranteed money making racket business!

Backed by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, a little-noticed provision in the healthcare overhaul bill would require insurers to consider covering Christian Science prayer treatments as medical expenses.

Prayer … as a medical expense! Expense, as in cost or charge. Yep, wave your hands around, get paid. By health insurance, no less.

The measure would put Christian Science prayer treatments — which substitute for or supplement medical treatments — on the same footing as clinical medicine. While not mentioning the church by name, it would prohibit discrimination against “religious and spiritual healthcare.”

It would have a minor effect on the overall cost of the bill — Christian Science is a small church, and the prayer treatments can cost as little as $20 a day. But it has nevertheless stirred an intense controversy over the constitutional separation of church and state, and the possibility that other churches might seek reimbursements for so-called spiritual healing.

Other churches might seek reimbursement! Of course they will. They would be stupid not to. Wave a magic wand over someone’s head and ask for $20. I didn’t know people payed for shit like this. As long as they don’t stick them in a home made sweat lodge covered in plastic to keep in all the toxic fumes in, they’re set. If anyone claims they’re quacks, they’ll just have to shout “God”!

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2 Comments on “Got to Get Me a Piece of This Racket”

  1. vive42 Says:

    How much can I charge the government for praying? Seriously, I’ll pray for whoever they want. To whatever god or gods they specify. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Ok…now hear this: If any health bill passes containing that provision, given the fact that Democrats control the House and Senate… I will never vote for a democratic candidate again.

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