Signed Blasphemy

Take advantage of this deal: Earl Doherty has expanded his Christ Myth classic “The Jesus Puzzle“, re-titling it “Jesus: Neither Man Nor God”. It doesn’t  look like it’s available on Amazon yet, but, if you order i t from his web page, he will send a signed copy. Sweet. I accidentally started an autographed book collection when I found a signed copy of The Essential Harlan Ellison on and I’ve been slowly picking them up here and there.

For those not familiar, the Christ Myth theory postulates that the character we know as Jesus began, as most gods do, as a mythical character and that was later historicized. The mythical Christ is the Jesus that the apostle Paul knew, that the story was embellished by the author of the Gospel of Mark for the purpose of composing an edifying narrative. This original gospel, along with the Q document, were then used as sources to write Mathew and Luke. The gospels of Mark and Mathew do read as rather mythical and it appears to have been primarily Luke that attempted to make the character historical in nature. It is a surprisingly solid theory that has won me over and I think The Jesus Puzzle has been the best work on the subject. His web page is full of supplemental articles that are well worth reading, as well as a free down loadable novel that show cases his theory.

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