Frank Schaeffer Responds to Psalms 109 Threat

Frank Schaeffer responds to the bat-shit crazy religious right’s fucking ludicrous crack pot threats. Schaeffer was born into this movement and has thankfully overcome the brain washing and is now speaking against it.

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3 Comments on “Frank Schaeffer Responds to Psalms 109 Threat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Universal Heretic, for posting this important, yet disturbing clip about what is happening in our country with extremist thinking.

    I hope more people will speak out like Schaeffer is doing against such idiocy.

    I find it actually quite humorous that many of my Christian family and friends ask me not to take bible verses ‘out of context’, yet in this very instance, if we DO take this one IN context, the message is even more creepy (ie., verse 9 states, “May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow”.

    Sure should make one stop and think about putting the adjectives “Loving”, “Merciful”, or “Peaceful” in front of the next word, “God”.


  2. bob migliori Says:

    Frank Schaeffer is clearly suffering from having such an iconic father. I hope he wakes up but someone how I doubt it. Our God is a consumong fire. The myth is that you wish to poytray the God of the universe as a wimp. The Mercy comes after the repentance Judgment is reserved for all others. You dont have to like it I understand but dont try to reframe it.

  3. bob migliori Says:

    By the way It was candidate Obama who chose to demean people of fatih in Pennsylvania with his clinging to guns and bibles comment. He is an elitist who drew first blood. He clearly sdislikes religious people. Which means he is clearly a phony when it comes to matters of faith.

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