Didn’t God Create the Solstices?

Time for another nativity in a courthouse debacle. Yep, it looks like the Right’s infamous “War on Christmas” is beginning early this year. This time, it’s in the Arkansas state capitol building whose Christmas decorations are up and include … a nativity scene! However, when the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers created a Solstice display for inclusion, it was denied.

After last years hullabaloo in WA, you would have thought that these Faith-heads would get the picture. Their stated reason for denying the Solstice decor? It was:

ā€œ…not consistent with the holiday tone that our office is striving to create on the Capitol grounds during the holiday season.ā€

Well, consistency is a virtue, or so I’ve heard. But, when it comes to favoring Christianity over other religious orientations, I think putting up a placard should be a pretty minor issue. Besides, from my studies of religion, I have come to the understanding that Christians believe that their “God” created the entire universe. Which would, by the way, include the Earth and the sun. Coincidentally, these two objects, once you understand that they rotate and wobble a bit, are all you really need to get … the solstices.

So, what’s their problem? Wouldn’t a solstice scene only be glorifying their creator? I guess the problem would be that it would include non-Christians during the holiday season. And that, apparently, cannot be done.

Well, needless to say, the ACLU is looking into it. Perhaps we should also get their mothers to give them a talking to as well. If they cannot choose to be nice to others, perhaps they need to be told.

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