There are Wing Nuts in America, Too

Religious fundamentalists are annoying and dangerous. So, Barack Obama decided to “refocus” efforts against al Qaeda in Afghanistan. So, is Obama for taking out all religious nuts that want to force everyone to live by their bronze age rules, or just Islamic ones? al Qaeda is indeed a pain in the ass, but isn’t it a bit bigoted to take them out in a military fashion but not even have the courage to speak up to the wing nut jobs in America, especially since they’ve already been so insulting?

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6 Comments on “There are Wing Nuts in America, Too”

  1. He could at least speak up to the ones in the Democratic party who are hijacking the health care debate.

  2. al qaeda is more than a “pain in the ass”…they murdered almost 3,000 innocent American civilians on 9/11/01

    I think that needs to be remembered, lest we forget.

  3. vjack Says:

    This is part of why Christian privilege is such an insidious problem. It is easy to condemn Muslim extremists because they seem so foreign. Meanwhile, we excuse virtually anything our homegrown Christian extremists do or say.

  4. Vjack,
    I’m not seeing that.

    When McCain’s campaigning pastor talked about the holocaust being a good thing for Jews… he was soundly bitch slapped and dumped.

    When Fred Phelps speaks, people deride him and counter protest his idiocy.

    When Haggard, or God-fearing politicians get caught with their dick out, they lose power and/or are condemned as a hypocrite by at least the thinking and a large number of theists.

    When Creationists try to weasel their crap into schools, or onto public property, Americans United and other orgs fight them tooth and nail.

    When Roberston (or Falwell?) said Katrina was god’s punishment for homosexuality, the vast majority of americans saw it for the idiocy it was.

    Fed. ciruit courts have ruled time and again against religious fanatic local poltician attempts to infuse Christianity into their meetings.

    Sure…right wing religious nuts say and do really stupid and unfathomably moronic things…but it’s their right to be stupid. I don’t see any overt intrusions into our lives & freedoms by the Xtian whackos that have gone ignored or unchallenged.

    Can you give me some examples?


  5. My original intent in the post was for the government to stand up to unreasonable groups with like resistance. If it’s only speech, well then, speak back. Christian ding bats do get resistance from bloggers and occasionally in the press, but they have gotten none from the Obama administration that I have seen and I do not believe that they deserve any respect. Not necessarily because they’re religious, but because they’re ding bats that expect others to follow the rules of their chosen religion and see nothing wrong with that. The privileges that they see are mostly built up around the institutionalization of their religion into government and public school settings that other religions do not see and they see it as being matter of fact.

    The extremists of the al Qaeda, Taliban type have got the same root cause (fundamentalist religious thinking), but are also murderers, of course. What drives them to this extra stage of crazy? It’s not the fundamentals of their religions. They’re just too close. I think it’s the social situation they’re in: they live in shit holes and have got nothing to loose. Martyrdom is only a step up on the social ladder for them. We do forget, however, that the goal of the Taliban is to institute a government run by the Koran. And the Christian Restoration/Christian Identity movement wants to institute a government run by their Bible.

    Separation of Church state, when actually adhered to, really helps, because it eventually leads to the marginalization of the various movements, not allowing them to get too strong. Though, the odd abortion clinic bombing, the bombing of the Olympics in Atlanta, and groups like the KKK are usually overlooked as the work of single individuals and blame is seldom laid on their religious ideology. I know the Christian Identity movement teaches that only white people have souls. Once that’s been accepted what’s stopping anyone from murder? Who knows. Social shame? I think keeping enough doubt in the public atmosphere to keep them “not quite sure” if their beliefs are right will keep these thoughts only in their heads and not in their hands.

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