Mike Huckabee: God King

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said he was aware of Maurice Clemmons’ long and violent criminal history when he commuted his 108-year prison sentence, but he couldn’t have foreseen the deadly consequence of his act.

Of course not, how could anyone know that releasing a killer would give him the chance to kill again?

What I want to know is, why the hell is this or any other governor given the power to release a dangerous criminal? Who thought that this was a good idea? Criminals are put into prison for a reason, and it’s not punishment: it’s to get them off they streets so that they do not harm others. They were put into prison by our legal system and one man should not be able to, by the swipe of a pen, undo everything. Claiming to be able to forecast the future actually would be a better excuse than the real one: that we somehow have grandfathered into our system the god/king mentality that the leader of a certain political area has the power to undo any law they see fit.

The mental state of criminally insane people should be up to experts in the criminally insane. Even then, mistakes might be made, but at least it won’t be because of the whim of a faith head and the good ol’ boy network of patting other Christians on the back.

But, would an expert panel have released Clemmons? Not according to this:

During a pretrial hearing, he hid a piece of metal in his sock, court documents said. Before the start of another hearing, he grabbed a padlock off his holding cell and threw it at a court bailiff. He missed, and the lock hit his mother, who had come to bring him clothes.

“That’s the one word that came to my mind that I remembered about him, was that he was mean,” said W.A. McCormick, a deputy prosecuting attorney at the time. “He was shackled in court and deputies placed behind him while he was tried because he was such a security risk.”

Clemmons continued to lash out violently behind the prison fences in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

“Over and over again,” said Larry Jegley, the prosecutor who put Clemmons away.

“Failure to obey, engaging in sexual activity,” he rattled off the charges as he flipped through Clemmons’ prison record, “failure to obey, possession or introduction of drugs, firearms.”

McCormick said he told the parole board — repeatedly, in writing — that Clemmons should remain in prison. And he would have opposed it once again if he had known that Huckabee was considering commuting Clemmons’ sentence.

Not only should Huckabee not given clemency to Clemons, he should not have been able to. This man (Huckabee) is a danger to society.

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2 Comments on “Mike Huckabee: God King”

  1. mateo Says:

    He didn’t release him he commuted his sentence, allowing him to be paroled. The parole board released him, not Huckabee.

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