Holy Cow

A Connecticut dairy farm witnessed a miracle: a cow born with a cross on it’s head. Yep. God chose to manipulate the forces of nature to perform miracle; give us a sign.He didn’t choose to heal amputees, or cure the world’s sick children for this miracle. Nope. God, in his infinite wisdom,decided the best way to get everyone’s attentions is to put a white patch on a cow’s head. Well, we take what we can get, I suppose.

When asked if it could just be a coincidence, the farm owners said that she knows too much about genetics to think that a fuzzy, misshapen birthmark that sort of looks like two intersecting lines could possibly be a coincidence. Mmmmm. Me thinks the lady doth proclaim too much.

While it is vaguely cross shaped, to me it looks more like a ghost with a huge right arm. Or a hatchet.

They had better be careful on how much media attention they get with this “holy cow”. They may wake up one morning to find a thousand Hindu pilgrims gathered outside their door.

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2 Comments on “Holy Cow”

  1. uzza Says:

    It kinda looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  2. Ellie Says:

    “…to me it looks more like a ghost with a huge right arm…”

    Now that’s funny! (It does actually.)

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