Cattle Mutilation: UFOs? Why Not Angels?

UFO’s? Thankfully this rancher doesn’t think so.

“Four calves, all killed overnight. Their innards gone. Tongues sliced out. Udders carefully removed. Facial skin sliced and gone. Eyes cored away. Not a single track surrounding the carcasses, which were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from any road. Not a drop of blood on the ground or even on the remaining skin.”

How come skilled plane landing is attributed to divine intervention, but cattle mutilation is always attributed to UFO intervention? Whose to say it’s not the other way around? Heavenly beings in the Old Testament can get a bit uppity at times. Who’s to say that there wasn’t a whole load of vengeance needing to be done on those cows.

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4 Comments on “Cattle Mutilation: UFOs? Why Not Angels?”

  1. John Says:

    No matter how many times this is rationally explained and with everything going on in this country and the world the national news keeps fixating on this story. Just today MSNBC was hyping the story with the stock fuzzy photos of “flying saucers”. To me that’s the most amazing thing about these “incidents”.

    • Yes, with modern high resolution digital cameras, the only reason to use a fuzzy photograph is to purposely mislead people. The modern press does get closer to the National Enquirer each day.

  2. Yep, when in doubt assume aliens did it.

    “Worldwide, the incidents number more than 10,000…”

    So if I have this right, these beings from outer space have the technology and inteligence to travel light years though space; they dodge asteroids and are exposed to Gamma rays, all this just so they can secretely slaughter cattle? And they need to do it 10,000 times in order to understand cattle anatomy?

    Maybe they are resupplying a kosher deli on their planet. Maybe the Burger King is doing it. Maybe Americans are just naturally stupid. I’m going for the latter.

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