I Bet Somehow He’s Being Persecuted

John Freshwater, the Creationist teacher that was suspended for burning crosses into his students arms (which he claims was a science experiment) is being evaluated to determine if he will be fired (Link to article). There are some odd comments defending the teacher at the end of the article. Some claiming the mark was an X, even though the picture shows it was clearly a cross (straight up and down, longer supporting leg), or that the marking wasn’t painful (marking underage children without their parents consent doesn’t need to be painful to be wrong), or that he never handed out religious questionnaires to children, even though they found completed copies of it in his office.

Some parents have voiced outrage that the teacher allegedly handed out surveys to students asking how important religion is to them. Freshwater initially denied it, but when he was shown two of the completed surveys during the hearing, he responded “it appears like you have gone through my room and taken some stuff,” the paper reported.

Sounds like a pack of lies to me. They have burned students, they have completed religious questionnaires. Whether he taught that homosexuality is a sin sounds like it’s still debatable, but the rest we have hard evidence for. I think he should be charged with lying under oath, as well. People complain about legal cases and the amount of money lawyers make, but besides accumulating evidence, getting past people’s lies is the major cause of our bloated legal system. Not to mention, it makes you into a doofuse.

So, would this even be a case if he was burning “Ozzy Rules” on kids? Me thinks he would have been dismissed the same day.

I, somehow, made it through 12 years of science classes in primary and secondary school, plus college without ever having a teacher burn things into my arms. Why is this asshole being defended by anyone? It’s good to see some religious people on the comments supporting getting rid of him. Sharing views with someone is not a valid reason for defending in-defensible behavior.

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6 Comments on “I Bet Somehow He’s Being Persecuted”

  1. I could have swron this nut case was fired months ago.
    I can’t believe this is still even an issue.

  2. A teacher, Lori Miller, who spoke before the Mount Vernon Board of Education back in 2008, about the allegation of the burn, said that she has also allowed students to touch the spark from the Tesla coil without incident: “I have never had a concern or an issue with it and I cannot honesty comprehend how that device can burn an individual as alleged.”

    You can see a video of Miller’s comments on YouTube:

    The allegation of the burn is at most just an allegation. Actually, it was an issue that was officially resolved by the school in January 2008. (See my article “Tesla Coil Matter Was Officially Resolved January 2008.”)


    • Yeah, they won’t normally burn anyone. But, when I was a kid, my friends and I were tinkerers, and we modified a similar device to give ourselves some very similar brands (not crosses, though). We attached a large conductor (a square piece of aluminum foil, in this case), attached a wire to that, and strung a needle at the end. This will concentrate the electrical current that is normally dispersed over a large area into a very small area. When the tip of the needle is touched to the skin it will burn it and if one is so inclined, they could easily draw little patterns. We only did the bottoms of our feet to avoid scarification (hey, we weren’t freaks).

      In other words, there is no way that this wasn’t fully intentional.

    • “Freshwater, a Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher, admits burning the students but says it wasn’t part of any religious statement, but part of a science experiment he had done a hundred times in his 21 years of teaching, according to The Columbus Dispatch. ”

  3. Wow, Freshwater also took students to the Creation Museum!

    “The second situation in which Freshwater “referred” students to AIG was when Freshwater took a van load of students and adults to the AIG museum.” http://www.accountabilityinthemedia.com/ (apologetic site with claims that contradict the evidence submitted in the case)

    The whole place exists solely to justify the creation myth in Genesis! Yeah, he was definitely pushing religion. Why doesn’t he just become a preacher, then he can do what he really wants to do. If he wants to be a science teacher then he needs to stick to science.

    Other tidbits:
    “Most students also only had the spark touched to their arm briefly before pulling away, Freshwater said. Of those that didn’t pull away, he would make the motion or movement of an “x” with the device but was not trying to make an “x” mark on their arm. ”

    So, it hurt … but if the student could take the pain, he would continue … and make an “x” (because X’s are what you make, especially ones with one leg longer than the other as the photo in the original article shows) … but, he wasn’t trying to burn anyone. Yeah, right. Even if not trying, why … why would he touch kids at at public school with sparks. He’s at least stupid. Any science teacher, even in the most impoverished country on earth, knows what happens when electrical voltage is applied to the skin. It burns it! If Freshwater did not know this, then he especially should be fired, because he doesn’t know shit about science! He’s either pushing religion, or he’s dumb as a pile of bricks.

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