Spartacus “Curse” Claims Another

The curse attached to the classic film Spartacus has taken another: actress Jean Simmons has died at age 81. Since the film’s original release in 1960, the curse has taken* many great talents from us:

Charles Laughton, died 1962
Dalton Trumbo, died 1976
Laurence Olivier, died 1989
John Ireland, died 1992
Kirk Douglas, stroke 1996
Stanley Kubrick, died 1999
Howard Fast, died 2003
Peter Ustinov, died 2004
Jean Simmons, died 2010

And now the fates are being tempted again with a new Spartacus television series. The curse appears to have already taken effect since it will be broad cast on the Starz network.

*As the curse on King Tut’s tomb has shown us, there is no time limit on curses, and decades may pass from one death to another. Howard Carter, the lead archeologist on the dig, died 17 years after the tomb was opened and his death is frequently cited as being caused by the curse.

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One Comment on “Spartacus “Curse” Claims Another”

  1. Poor Jean, she died so young. Who’d expect an 81 yr old actress to keel over? Heck, she was in her prime. That damnable curse!!!!

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