God of the Week: Brigid

God of the Week 02/01/2010: Brigid

Brigid (Brigit) is a Celtic goddess of poetry and culture.

She appears to have been syncretized with the Catholic Christian character of “Saint Brigid”, though it is unclear in which way the adoption occurred.

Dana also sometimes bears another name, that of Brigit, a goddess held in much honour by pagan Ireland, whose attributes are in a great measure transferred in legend to the Christian St. Brigit of the sixth century. Her name is also found in Gaulish inscriptions as “Brigindo,” and occurs in several British inscriptions as “Brigantia.” She was the daughter of the supreme head of the People of Dana, the god Dagda, “The Good.”
-The Mythology of All Races, Vol 3, Celtic & Slavic
Edited by Louis Herbert Gray

The Celtic holiday of Imbolc is associated with her, which marks the half point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, much like the Catholic Candlemass or the secular Groundhog’s Day.

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