The Dead Shall (Artificially) Rise Again

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has made a decision for everyone at any Catholic run hospital:

Standing in opposition to the preferences stated by millions of Americans, and contradicting the emerging consensus in medical practice and bioethics, the Bishops have declared that artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH) is obligatory for anyone in a permanent coma from stroke or trauma, in persistent vegetative state or with advanced dementia, having lost the ability to eat along with other sentient activity.

About 30% of American receive their health-care from Catholics run institutions, so this could affect a lot of people. Of course, this directive contradicts the old pope (on his way to saint) John Paul II’s directive that patients have the right to refuse extraordinary means for sustaining life (made in 1980), but, that shouldn’t stop anyone. It’s not like he was infallible or anything.

So, with the advanced efficiency of these machines that keep blood circulating through a body that just isn’t there anymore, how long will it be until we have millions of “care” facilities filled to the brim with rooms of brain dead people the pope thinks are only sleeping?

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4 Comments on “The Dead Shall (Artificially) Rise Again”

  1. Madness!! Utterly contemptable and sickening that these shaman have influence over people’s right to die with dignity. Never mind the cost to a family and prolonging their angst.

    of course, you won’t see the fucking Catholic church offer to pay their bills. They will simply declare it God’s Will and console the surviing family members with promises of supernatural reward.

    An7 catholic who dosn’t see this as a dispicable concept is a moron; any hospital that abandons it’s protocol to acquiese to this ridiculous dictate is violating the hipocratic oath for the harm they do.

    • Of course they won’t be picking up any of the bills. They’ll dictate what their sheeple can do, then sit back and watch. Or rather, pick up the checks, since they’re the ones running the hospitals that will be charging to keep people in their perpetual comas.

  2. if there were a god, he’d put the pope in a brain dead coma for , oh, say 10 years. Being ventilated, fed thru a tube, and his heart kept beating.

    Maybe they could televise it live 24/7 : The Pope In A Coma Show.” Talk about reality show! We could watch this old bastard deteriorate, become a bed sore ridden bundle of bones, watch his shit being pumped out, his body turned regularly.

    Commercial break: “This show brought to you by Jesus’ Catheters, when your vegatative loved one’s urethra deserves the very best. It’s heavenly.”

    Now… back to the Pope.

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