Ehrman-Licona Debate

A most excellent debate. Well, Ehrman’s part of it, at least. Bart gives an excellent run down on exactly what historians look for what validating ancient sources.

Licona isn’t as annoying as most apologists, like W M Craig. He seems like a pretty nice guy. But he does put a lot of weight on strange things. For instance, he insists that a friend of his came out of a coma because of prayer. And, … that all the other comas patients in close proximity to him came out of their comas at exactly the same time. So, evidently, prayer healings are closer to a shot gun blast than a sniper rifle. He also says that he didn’t bother to write down this mind boggling phenomena that somehow escaped every medical journal in the world until the third time that he heard it. It kind of makes me feel more sorry for him than angry at him. So, if you want to avoid frustrating unverifiable stories like that, I’ll mark Bart’s time down.

Part 1 (Bart’s opening speech begins at 26:00):

Part 2 (Bart’s first rebuttal begins at 27:30):

Part 3 (Bart’s second rebuttal begins at 18:55, Q&A follows):

Part 4 (Q&A):

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5 Comments on “Ehrman-Licona Debate”

  1. I’ve read a couple of Ehrman’s books. He has always impressed me

  2. atimetorend Says:

    Sounds interesting, I like Ehrman’s work tooo, currently listening to his lectures on the formation of the new testament. Thanks for marking the points in the videos, I’ll listen to a bit of Licona but don’t want to listen to that much apologetics.

  3. Oh I dunno, Uni..
    My experience has been that when the tried and true nonsensical crap they use becomes tired, they pull a new rabbit out of their asses.

    Like the noah’s ark capacity, amount of food and water, and shit that had to be disposed of by a single family everyday.

    Once they are given the figures and realize the capacity of the so called ark is insufficient for millions of species, they revert to magic. The animals were babies so they took up less room; maybe they hibernated; maybe god put them into a deep sleep; maybe god made it so they didnt have to eat, or shit.

    So it goes for every absurdity they accept as real.

    When you are dealing with myth and magic there are no limitations to the woulda-shoulda-coulda inventions of these mindless drones.

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