Religion and Racism

An article at Science and Religion Today reveals that a link has been found between devout religious congregations and racism. Sadly, I’m not real surprised at this:

“The studies show there’s significantly less racism among people who don’t have strong religious beliefs, while highly devout religious communities exhibit more prejudice against people of other races (with seminaries showing the highest degree of racism).”

And, of course, the more conservative a person is, the more racist they tend to be, as well. Well, color me not surprised.

It appears that the highly religious instinctively put people into “us/them” categories: believer/nonbeliever, moral/immoral, good/bad, black/white, etc.

Link to more in depth write up.

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2 Comments on “Religion and Racism”

  1. Not a surprising result. Afterall, theists are typically less educated, less sophisticated, and more prone to racist influence by their surrounding culture than are freethiners. Education,an open mind, resistence to forcefed ideas are the hallmark of the majority of thinking people. It is the bane of the religious.

    I’d guess that if you did a survey of how many theists know that the moon revolves around the earth they’d come out far behind atheists there as well.

    • There is that story about a massive walk out at a by Bill Nye speech when he stated that the moon wasn’t a source of light (like the Bible says) but merely a reflector. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

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