Look Out, Gay Marriage Could Lead to Anal Sex

New Hampshire State Representative Nancy Elliott (R) is against gay marriage because … she thinks anal sex is icky! Yes, that’s right, she’s willing to deny civil rights to other human beings because of what her sexual preferences are.

Well, at least she’s honest and we finally get to hear that the entire marriage dispute is based on little kid arguments (sex is icky, you have cooties, ewwww). The outrageously ludicrous arguments that allowing homosexual couples to marry could “ruin marriage” or  that it somehow discriminates against the Christian religion were pretty weak it is pretty obvious that they were merely covers for people that were afraid to sound like outright bigots.  Luckily, Rep Elliott knows no fear.

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2 Comments on “Look Out, Gay Marriage Could Lead to Anal Sex”

  1. OK, first my apologies for this imbecil’s comments. Coming from NH I’m embarrassed for her.

    Second, here is the email I just sent to her office in Concord, NH:

    Dear Representative Elliot,

    I’m writing to extend to you my, and my wife’s, congratulations for your courageous stand against anal sex.

    Not everyone would have the fortitude to expose their utter idiocy and childlike ignorance to the nation and embarrass every thinking New Hampshirite in the process. But you, you had no compunctions about demonstrating that your concept of sex acts between consenting adults is dirty, and “icky” and oh so much in need of your condemnation and governmental control.

    Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever had it up the ass, Nancy. By looking at you I sincerely doubt you’ve been within arms length of a penis for some time. My guess is it’s probably less icky to you if the penis is inserted into a woman’s anus, and “wiggled around in excrement.” Fact is, if less shit came out of your mouth and more of it out your ass, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about it.

    I just wish you were representing my district, so I would have the distinct pleasure of voting against you, and laughing in your face.

    Yours truly,

    Bart and Carole-Anne XXXXXX
    PO Box XXX
    Alstead, NH 03602

    (actual names and address were shown)

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