Never Surrender

Lt. Hiroo Onoda was the Japanese soldier that proved that truth was stranger than fiction with his refusal to surrender for 29 years after the end of WWII. During his time hiding in the jungles of the Philippines, many attempts were made to contact Onoda and his battalion of 3 men. Notes that told them that the war was over, come down, were left for them to find. Onoda and his men did find the notes, but determined that they were a tricks meant to deceive them.

Today, like Onoda, Creationists refuse to accept any evidence contrary to their belief systems. Carbon dating, geologic stratification, fossils and their placement by complexity rather than size, DNA evidence like pseudo-genes and viral DNA, chromosomal similarities between humans and apes, developmental biology, astronomical dating of the universe, anatomical similarities between species and their ties to geological proximity rather than environmental niche, plate tectonics, bacterial resistance, race circles

Attempts to refute the evidence come down to misrepresentation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics or outright fabrications like “irreducible complexity”. But, in the end, it all comes down to one thing. A book written by ancient people, old information, says so. The people that wrote these writings didn’t know much about the Earth; why would they? They had only seen a very small portion of it and had no instruments in which to measure things. There is no fault to be found in the ancient Hebrews, the ancient Christians, or the ancient Muslims. But, we know more about the world now. And, anyone that refuses to listen to new information is destined to be left behind while the rest of the world marches forward.

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