Tea Baggers: Cultic Anxiety

Tea Baggers: They may not be merely the worthless conspiracy minded fools that they are billed as. They may, in fact, teach us a few things about human nature.  I know they’ve helped me to understand how displaced anxiety can lead to crude and primitive behavior by people no matter how civilized the country they live in happens to be.

In the 19th century, German philosopher Max Müller theorized that religious concepts may arise as a derivative of language itself: essentially terminology can take concepts and personify them; these concepts then develop into myth and legend.

Can anyone keep track of the misunderstood terminology in this video?

There is some particularly interesting anxiety caused by confusion over the word “czar”. Yes, the presidential advisory position. The ‘czar’ centered fun begins at 6:24. At 8:20, a lady is informed that the first presidential adviser given the title “czar” was given during the administration of Republican President Ronald Reagen. She, at that point, deserts the Republican party. No kidding, that’s all it took. No arguments, no logic, no research. Just a word.

She treats the word like magic and is willing to drop support of her life long political party over its use rather than taking 1 minute to look up the definition. Now, that’s commitment to superstition for you.

Of course, there may be some other reason for their anxiety.

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