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Pope’s Miracle? or Mis-diagnosis

March 7, 2010

The healing miracle attributed to John Paul II that was rocketing him on his way to saint hood, may not have been a miracle at all, but rather a misdiagnosis (like most miracles):

Her disease worsened after the pope’s death, and her order prayed for his intervention to ease her suffering. Then after writing his name on a paper one night, she woke up the next day apparently cured and returned to work as a maternity nurse with no traces of the disease.

But according to the Polish daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, one of the doctors charged with scrutinising the nun’s case believed she might have been suffering from a similar nervous disease, not Parkinson’s, which could go into sudden remission. A report on the paper’s website went further, saying that the 49-year-old nun had become sick again with the same illness.

The Vatican was making no comment on the grounds that the late pope’s case was still under examination.

The Catholic church has a father god, a son god, a disembodied ghost god, a virgin women that ascended bodily into heaven, a host of angels and demons, as well as deceased holy men and women that miraculously heal mortals on earth that pray to them – in what way are they not a polytheistic religion?